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Stassen Jasmine Green Tea (150g) 100 Tea Bags

Stassen Jasmine Green Tea (150g) 100 Tea Bags

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Stassen is a leader and well versed producer in excellent quality green teas with having the merit of cultivating green teas in Sri Lanka over forty years ago. Stassen green teas are usually mellow and soothing while the fragrance is delicate. Stassen Jasmine Green Tea is a carefully crafted blend that combines the captivating fragrance of jasmine flowers and the natural goodness of green tea leaves that are carefully chosen from their estates. Every sip of this particular blend of green tea will allow you to experience the balance of the floral undertones and the gentle flavours of the green tea.

This special pack comes with 100 tea bags while brewing is quite convenient. Simply boil the water, insert the tea bag and let it infuse the flavours. You can leave it to brew for about 2–4 minutes and enjoy a cup of Jasmine flavoured green tea. There are many therapeutic benefits that you can enjoy while having a cup of green tea which is touted to be one of the most healthiest beverages in the world.

From improving cognitive function, filled with plant based antioxidant compounds green tea may also help with fat burning as well as lower the risk of some cancers and manage blood sugar levels.

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