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Lakro Domestic Electric Coconut Scraper Model ACS-01

Lakro Domestic Electric Coconut Scraper Model ACS-01

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(SKU: LSA0009ED6) A coconut shredder or scraper which is ideal for domestic use and completely made in Sri Lanka making it authentic and handy. The machine has the power to process one coconut per minute which is perfect for households who are always in a hurry to get the cooking done. The Lakro domestic electric coconut scraper consists of a speed controller, safety control switch and power indicator.

You can also choose the voltage option suitable for Asian/European nations or American. The scraper consists of a plug [square pin] while you may need a converter depending on the country you order to. You have to make sure that you keep the machine on a flat and steady surface while you should start to scrape the coconut from the outer area and gradually head towards the middle.

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